Grow Your Small Business With Sustainability Training And SEMS™ Green Business Certification

Sustainability involves planning and measuring your social, economic and environmental impacts. ACF Enterprises is partnering with major corporations,  housing authorities and government agencies to  help small and diverse businesses transition to sustainable operations. Find out how to add value and competitive advantage to your business with SEMS™ — a dynamic supplier engagement training program  that sets the standard for small business sustainable development.

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Sonoco Supplier Sustainability Engagement Training and Certificate Program

Sustainability is not an option for suppliers that want to do business with major corporations. Get an edge over the competition through the Supplier Sustainability Engagement Program.  You will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and support needed to transform your small  company into a sustainable tier supplier valued by  corporate and government buyers.  More…

Learn more about our Dynamic Sustainable Business Certification and Training Solutions!

Building For The Future “Best Practices” Training

SEMS™ is the core training component to prepare Section 3, small and diverse businesses to compete for contracts and subcontracts during the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s massive construction project known as the Rental Assistance  Demonstration (RAD). Building for the Future was recently nominated by HUD as a “National Best Practice” for cities to use during RAD conversions. Achieving SEMS™ Green Business Certification is evidence a small vendor is operating a leaner, more efficient organization by maximizing resources and minimizing waste. More

SEMS™ Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

Everything an entrepreneur needs to transition to sustainable operations is in this state-of-the-art toolkit.  SEMS™  is a convenient solution for organizations that want their small suppliers to transition to environmentally-friendly practices. The Toolkit includes 24/7 access to web-based courses, an assessment to identify issues, tutorials and templates to guide in the development of a sustainability plan of action and tools to conduct unlimited audits. Plus a comprehensive companion workbook with over 100 pages of tips, techniques and activities. Now is the time to gain a competitive advantage in the supply base!  More…

New E-Book  Has Tips For Small Business Growth

There’s nothing more disappointing then being a small business owner and not get any business. In her latest book, “Building for the Future — Leveraging Inclusion To Build Healthy, Sustainable Neighborhoods,”  Joan Carroll-Flowers describes her mission to help diverse entrepreneurs position themselves for growth in the new millennium. This “how to” guide is a “must read” for diverse businesses wanting to engage with HUD’s $26 Billion rehab of public housing! Follow Joan’s BLOG...

Sustainability & Diversity Education for Students

EZ Green Kids is an engaging, web-based environmental education pilot workforce development program that teaches high school  students to solve simple problems necessary to succeed in the workforce. This interactive program is being conducted in partnership with Myca Group.

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