Maximizing Resources and Minimizing Waste


ACF Enterprises, LLC is not your average training company. Our blended learning approach takes into consideration there is no one-size-fits-all solution for knowledge transfer. People have different preferred learning styles. That’s why we incorporate various learning techniques and powerful training tools into our certificate programs. We know from experience how to keep people engaged. Our learning solutions include everything from live webinars to interactive online courses to hands-on training that involves the use of high-tech t

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Skills Empowerment Initiative© for Workplace Readiness

A new paradigm for continuous education is needed to resolve the “skill gap” in America. ACF Enterprises has a history of helping disadvantaged people and businesses to thrive and prosper. Our proprietary Skills Empowerment Initiative is a unique workforce training solution designed to bridge skill gaps for those groups facing greater employment difficulties, in particular older adults, lower skilled workers and under-educated youth graduating from high school.   More…

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Building For The Future Award-Winning “Best Practices” Training

The award-winning Building for the Future professional training, created by Robert Bell for public housing authorities and community developers, is available as an e-learning course, on demand 24/7. This certificate program was specifically designed as an innovative inclusion model that looks at RAD communities from a sustainability perspective. Building for the Future was recently nominated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a “National Best Practice” for use with public housing rehabilitation and conversions.  This highly-recommended program also received the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHR) “National Award of Excellence”.   More

Get Ready for SEMS™ Green Build BootCamp

To be successful in today’s “green” construction industry, a small contractor, subcontractor or specialty trade entrepreneur needs knowledge, skills and a business strategy that fits builder requirements! In just 30 days you will learn how to operate a leaner, more efficient business that maximizes resources and minimizes waste. Green Build BootCamp training provides everything an entrepreneur needs to make his or her business fit to compete. Sign up today!  More…

Essential Workplace Training To Reduce Risks and Improve Productivity

Because a company’s success relies on the attitude and productivity of its workers, continuous training is essential. Employees are more likely to be productive when they know what their employer expects and are given training to perform such tasks. Our affordable online learning offers relevant workplace topics, including workplace harassment prevention, managing diversity, sustainability skills,safety courses, and more. Follow Joan’s BLOG...

Helping At-Risk Students Get Job and Career Ready

Exposing inner-city youth to an array of cool jobs and careers they might never have thought of is the goal of the Building for the Future Green Jobs & Careers Expo.  ACF Enterprises is working with school systems, community organizations and the BIGCAT 83 Education Fund to bring this dynamic event to urban centers across America. This culturally-connected Expo provides a strategic pathway for at-risk  middle school and high school students to prepare for a successful transition into the workforce.

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