In late November 2013, Cincinnati announced that it will partner with Zipcar to offer residents, businesses and college students access to a vehicle without the high cost and hassle of having to own one. However, Zipcar is not new to Cincinnati. The University of Cincinnati has been offering zipcar since 2011, and the program has […]

For a small business, it’s important to develop a positive company image in the community and provide a great service. It is equally important to maintain a successful business by finding a healthy balance of service and profitability. Sustainable practices are great place to focus when trying to keep your businesses spending at a minimum and […]

CINCINNATI, OHIO – December 8, 2013 ACF Enterprises LLC has announced executive changes which went into effect on December 1, 2013. Icy L. Williams has resigned as President & CEO of ACF to become President & CEO of PAK/TEEM Inc., an Engineering & Design, Manufacturing and Products company which she acquired on November 18, 2013. Williams […]

Sustainability in business is about saving valuable resources AND increasing profits. This week we’re previewing business sustainability trends you should know about. Sustainable business practices are on the rise. Businesses that embrace them are reaping benefits — with lower energy costs, less waste and high productivity — and will continue to do so. By looking […]

To have success in sustainability, a business must weave strong, eco-friendly thinking into its business models. This can lead to new products and services, as well as businesses process. Sustainability can have an enormous effect on the bottom line, saving resources and dollars. How do you make sustainability work for your business? We’ll highlight some […]

Does your small business want to incorporate sustainability, but have limited resources? We’ll highlight some lower cost ways to make your businesses to save money and resources through sustainability. There are simple, effective changes your business can make that will make a difference in the health of your employees and the sustainability of your business. […]

Xavier University has added three new sustainability degrees to its undergraduate program. It’s just further proof that sustainable practices aren’t a fad. They’re becoming a necessary part of life and business. Here are the degrees: Sustainability: Economics & Management (BSBA in SUST): This degree focuses on sustainable organizations and economies. Students will study ecological, environmental, […]

Everyone knows Cincinnati is the home of the Bengals, 3-way chili and the Reds. The city has a reputation of deep tradition and hometown pride. Now Cincinnati has a new title to add: Winner of the EPA’s 2013 Green Power Leadership award. The Environmental Protection Agency named Cincinnati a Green Power Community of the Year. […]

Cincinnati’s Green Umbrella has transformed over the last decade, bringing together the region’s sustainability minded businesses, nonprofits and educational organizations. The nonprofit also reaches out into the community with a wide variety of events, including last week’s Great Outdoor Weekend. AFC Enterprises is an active Green Umbrella member because we share a similar mission, helping local […]

Hurricane Sandy showed many companies and communities that they weren’t prepared for natural disasters. Businesses of all kinds, from family-owned companies to hospitals, came under scrutiny for their preparedness. The cost of disruption to businesses was tens of billions of dollars. Natural and man-made disasters negatively affect business and society on a regular basis. According […]