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Companies turn to sustainable practices to increase profits and provide a more sustainable product for their customers. Sustainability has proven benefits for companies both large and small, so it’s important to know the common myths associated with sustainability.

Don’t let these myths keep your business from “Going Green.” recently rated The Eight Biggest Myths about Sustainability in Business. According the Greenbiz, these ideas were consistent in companies large and small and industries across the board.

  • It’s a cost and we can’t afford it right now
  • It requires lots of staff
  • There’s no money to be made from sustainability
  • It’s just for big companies
  • It’s mostly for B2C companies
  • If we make claims about sustainability, we’ll be accused of greenwashing
  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) are our adversaries
  • We don’t have to worry about the supply chain because we don’t make things

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Current staff can run the sustainability program, the size of the team does not effect the ability to lead. Derek Wong, a Toronto based sustainability consultant, recently wrote an article about TD Bank’s “three-person green team” that developed strategies to change 27,000 employees dispersed in 1,300 locations to sustainable thinking.

“In typical Western workplaces or communities, 10% to 20% of your audience has Super Green attitudes (various surveys have confirmed with similar findings),” he wrote. They can’t wait to green up their workplace, neighborhood, or school so that these environments catch up to their green lifestyles at home…Find them, then deputize and empower them to be your troops on the ground.”

These myths can be an unnecessary barrier, making the effort to become a sustainable business tough. Done right, sustainable business practices come with benefits that will outweigh the work and effort that has to be put in.

It doesn’t take many people to make a big change within your business. Sustainability is within reach for every company regardless of size, spending ability and industry.

Looking for some ideas to get started? Read our blog, Save time, money and energy for your business through sustainable practices.

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