Save time, money and energy for your business through sustainable practices

Green Business

For a small business, it’s important to develop a positive company image in the community and provide a great service. It is equally important to maintain a successful business by finding a healthy balance of service and profitability.

Sustainable practices are great place to focus when trying to keep your businesses spending at a minimum and growing profits at the same time.

A good starting point in becoming a more sustainable business is evaluating your companies waste and energy consumption. The U.S. Small Business Association suggest these steps to reduce and potentially eliminate waste:

  1. Redesign packaging to eliminate excess material
  2. Work with customers to design a packaging return program
  3. Consider developing a product take back program
  4. Eliminate, reuse or recycle corrugated cardboard
  5. Switch to reusable transport containers
  6. Repair broken furniture and equipment to extend its usable life
  7. Buy products made from recycled materials
  8. Install reusable heating, ventilation and air conditioning filters
  9. Replace incandescent with fluorescent lights

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Saving energy will help keep cost down and benefit the environment. An example is the Hilton San Diego Airport – Harbor Island. By cutting energy usage and making simple and effective changes, the hotel is now saving over $40,000 per year.

Anthony Muniz, the Director of Housekeeping for the hotel said in the SDG&E blog, “laundry service is one of the top energy consumers in the hotel. So management decided to change laundering hours to “off-peak” nighttime hours – from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Due to making smart changes based on the time-of-use rates for SDG&E’s business customers, this decision resulted in annual savings of about $20,000.” To read more, click here.

Reducing waste and saving energy will benefit your business financially and will help to promote a positive image. By
sharing your businesses support for the environment with the community, you not only send a positive message and enhance your business’ public image, but you can also open the door to investors who are looking to invest with a sustainable company.


ACF Enterprises LLC is a women-owned company that helps small businesses integrate and measure sustainable practices through online training, certification programs and consulting.

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