Sustainable Business spotlight: Zipcar

In late November 2013, Cincinnati announced that it will partner with Zipcar to offer residents, businesses and college students access to a vehicle without the high cost and hassle of having to own one. However, Zipcar is not new to Cincinnati. The University of Cincinnati has been offering zipcar since 2011, and the program has been an all around success.

What is Zipcar?

Zipcar is a car sharing program with 3 locations downtown at the following intersections:

  1. NW corner of 12th and Vine
  2. Court Street between Walnut and Vine
  3. NW corner of Garfield and Race

These locations are walking distance from most downtown offices and each have at least 2 cars available.

For a small cost, a car can be used for anything from day-to-day errands, a short trip or for local business travel. You will receive a ZipCard once you have registered and it’s a key to every Zipcar in Cincinnati.Partnering with Zipcar here in Cincinnati is an excellent opportunity to reduce congestion and parking demand, save people money, and provide access for people who would otherwise not be able to go about their day-to-day activities,” Mayor Mallory said in a recent news release.

Is Zipcar for residents or can businesses use Zipcar as well?

Zipcar offers a business membership for an upfront enrollment fee. With this membership, a business receives discounted weekday rates and the ability to provide employees with a company car at a fraction of the cost. Zipcar also offers a mandatory memo field that requires employees to log each trip. This helps with monitoring usage and keeping driving to work related outings.

What benefits can the partnership with Zipcar bring to Cincinnati?

According to a recent article published by the City of Cincinnati, “Zipcar will help to reduce Cincinnati’s carbon footprint. National studies have shown that each car shared takes at least15 privately owned vehicles off the road, and that average vehicle miles traveled per driver is reduced by 40 percent when car owners switch to car sharing.” For more information and to read the full article, click here

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